Online Radio Show Host Program
An 8-Week Course with Jody Colvard

This is the complete Be A Show Host training. In this course, you’ll learn all facets of being an online Radio show host. We’ll cover all aspects including concept development; recording and taping; attaining quality guests; voice preparation; editing; product development; syndication and distribution; and how to get sponsors and advertisers.

Since this course is hands-on, and you’ll be creating actual content.

After completing this course, you’ll receive certification as a Dynamic Speakers Host and have a show page and up to one episode per week hosted on the new Dynamic Speakers Radio.

class size is limited to only 24 students.

Starts February 2017

Tuition Fee: $1997.00

Two Payments of $1000.00
Paid within two months

Pay in full $1997.00

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